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ALOX Coated Films


We Have all range of AlOx coated film it is in the application of a thin and highly transparent coating of aluminium oxide on packaging films that gives the materials extremely high moisture and gas barrier properties that rival those of aluminium foils and metallised films. It is the only truly high-barrier flexible packaging material available that is transparent and allows the packaged product to be clearly visible. This not only provides a big marketing plus but also facilitates operations like optical scanning/inspection and metal detection during and after the packaging process, something that is not possible with aluminium foils or metallised films. The levels of barrier available from AlOx coated films are far superior to those provided by other transparent flexible packaging materials like PVDC-based structures and EVOH coextrusions. Furthermore, moisture and gas permeabilities are not affected by high levels of temperature or relative humidity and are independent of the base film thickness thus enabling maximum downgauging of packaging materials. An important feature of AlOx coated films is that they are microwavable, which aluminium foils and metallised films are not. As they can be retorted as well, this makes them ideally suited for the packaging of processed foods that can be microwave heated or cooked in the pack itself before consumption.

AlOx coating is cutting edge technology and only a very select handful of film manufacturers are equipped with AlOx coating capabilities.

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